CL Press
A Fraser Institute Project

About CL Press


CL stands at once for both classical liberal and conservative liberal.

CL Press publishes good, low-priced works in intellectual history, political theory, political economy, and moral philosophy in CL traditions.


CL Press seeks to promote discourse in classical and conservative liberal traditions, esepcially in the following areas:

  • The intellectual history and meaning of liberalism.
  • The relationship between liberalism and conservatism.
  • The role of religion in disseminating liberal understandings and institutions including: the moral equality of souls, the rule of law, religious liberty, the meaning and virtues of economic life.
  • The relationship between religion and economic philosophy.
  • The political, social, and economic philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment, especially Adam Smith.
  • The state of classically liberal ideas and policies across the world today.