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Contemplating with Adam Smith

Due October 2023

Contemplating with Adam Smith discusses Adam Smith's non-foundationalist ethics. The impartial-spectator process is a dynamic call upward, to sustain one's locus of affirmation. The puzzle is always: Which way is up? Non-foundationalism advises against a foundationalist approach to that puzzle.

Chapter titles:

  1. Major Themes and Ambling through a Few Spirals
  2. Who Is Adam Smith's Impartial Spectator?
  3. In Praise of Adam Smith's Organon and Allegory
  4. Hume and Smith on Utility, Agreeableness, Propriety, and Moral Approval
  5. Adam Smith's Non-foundationalism
  6. Ought as an Is: On the Positive-Normative Distinction
  7. The Circumstantiality of Bivariate Relationships in Adam Smith's The Theory of Moral Sentiments
  8. In a Word or Two, Placed in the Middle: The Invisible Hand in Adam Smith's Tomes
  9. Adam Smith's Attitude toward Rousseau
  10. TMS's Appeal Moves with Openness to Non-foundationalism: 35 Critics, 1765–1949
  11. Circa 1800