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Contemplating with Adam Smith

Due November 2024

Contemplating with Adam Smith discusses Adam Smith's non-foundationalist ethics. The impartial-spectator process is a dynamic call upward, to sustain one's locus of affirmation. The puzzle is always: Which way is up? Non-foundationalism advises against a foundationalist approach to that puzzle.

Chapter titles:

  1. Major Themes and Ambling through a Few Spirals
  2. Who Is Adam Smith's Impartial Spectator?
  3. The Spirit of Religion: In Praise of Adam Smith's Organon and Allegory
  4. Hume and Smith on Utility, Agreeableness, Propriety, and Moral Approval
  5. Adam Smith's Non-foundationalism
  6. Ought as an Is: On the Positive-Normative Distinction
  7. The Circumstantiality of Bivariate Relationships in Adam Smith's The Theory of Moral Sentiments
  8. In a Word or Two, Placed in the Middle: The Invisible Hand in Adam Smith's Tomes
  9. Adam Smith's Attitude toward Rousseau
  10. TMS's Appeal Moves with Openness to Non-foundationalism: 35 Critics, 1765–1949
  11. Circa 1800