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Early English Tracts on Commerce

Edited by John Ramsay McCulloch (1856)

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This volume is one of several edited by J.R. McCulloch. Eleven gems from 17th, 18th, early 19th century authors.

Endorsements of Early English Tracts on Commerce

“It is now apparent that for most of the half-century preceding his death [in 1864] this hard-working, largely self-educated Scot did more than any other economist of this day to introduce the new science of political economy to an interested public.”

—Phyllis Deane

Items in this volume:

  1. A Discourse of Trade (1621) by Thomas Mun
  2. A Discourse of Foreign Trade (1641) by Lewes Roberts
  3. England’s Treasure by Foreign Trade (1664) by Thomas Mun
  4. England’s Interest and Improvement (1673) by Samuel Fortrey
  5. England’s Greatest Happiness; or, A Dialogue between Content and Complaint (1677), authorship unknown
  6. Britannia Languens, or A Discourse of Trade (1680) by authorship unknown, possibly William Petty
  7. Discourse upon Trade (1691) by Dudley North (the first part perhaps written by Roger North)
  8. Considerations on the East-India Trade (1701), by (probably) Henry Martyn