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Hume, Smith, Burke, Geijer, Menger, d’Argenson, et EJW cetera

This volume contains a selection of 15 items published in Econ Journal Watch (EJW), including Hume's original account of his affair with Rousseau. Adam Smith also looms large. Two items are by Edmund Burke. View content list  below (or by clicking LEARN MORE...).

Econ Journal Watch (EJW) is an online journal led by the present editors. EJW publishes material on characters it finds admirable, including David Hume, Adam Smith, Edmund Burke, Erik Gustaf Geijer, and Carl Menger. This volume of 357 pages collects 15 gems by or about such figures and related items. Most notable is Hume’s original account of his episode with Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Several of the items had been neglected, such as a glorious essay by the great French liberal Marquis d’Argenson, who was born 17 years before Hume. Another is a remarkable squib from Edinburgh in 1758 against monopoly privileges for barbers. The material is online at, but this volume makes tangible a mansion of sympathetic company.

14 Chapters (15 pieces):

  1. The General Directing of Trade Cannot Be a Science: D’Argenson’s 1751 Commentary Essay and the Response to It by René Louis de Voyer de Paulmy, Marquis d’Argenson and Anonymous (a Bellonian), edited by Benoît Malbranque, translated by Tobias Smollett and Benoît Malbranque

September 2021, 18(2): 257-277        LINK

  1. Information for the Hair Dressers in Edinburgh; Against the Incorporation of Barbers—The Second Edition by Hew Dalrymple (pseud.?)

September 2018, 15(3): 382-396        LINK

  1. Hume’s Manuscript Account of the Extraordinary Affair Between Him and Rousseau by David Hume, edited by Daniel B. Klein, Jason Briggeman, and Jacob R. Hall

September 2021, 18(2): 278-326        LINK

  1. To Tolerant England and a Pension from the King: Did Hume Subconsciously Aim to Subvert Rousseau’s Legacy? by Daniel B. Klein

September 2021, 18(2): 327-350        LINK

  1. Glimpses of David Hume, edited by Daniel B. Klein

September 2017, 14(3): 474-487        LINK

  1. From Hume to Smith on the Common Law and English Liberty: A Comment on Paul Sagar by Jacob R. Hall

March 2022, 19(1): 109-123                LINK

  1. Adam Smith in Love by F. E. Guerra-Pujol

March 2021, 18(1): 127-155               LINK

  1. Professional Scholarship from 1893 to 2020 on Adam Smith’s Views on School Funding: A Heterodox Examination by Scott Drylie

September 2020, 17(2): 350-391       LINK

  1. Remarks from 1809 by Dupont de Nemours on Adam Smith by Pierre-Samuel Dupont de Nemours, translated by Frederic Sautet

May 2011, 8(2): 174-184                    LINK

  1. Glimpses of Adam Smith: Excerpts from the Biography by Ian Simpson Ross by Ian Simpson Ross

January 2016, 13(1): 168-191            LINK

  1. Thoughts and Details on Scarcity by Edmund Burke

March 2019, 16(1): 155-179              LINK

  1. Several Scattered Hints Concerning Philosophy and Learning by Edmund Burke

September 2022, forthcoming               

  1. An Economic Dream by Erik Gustaf Geijer, translated by Peter C. Hogg

September 2017, 14(3): 488-491        LINK

  1. The Social Theories of Classical Political Economy and Modern Economic Policy by Carl Menger, translated by Erwin Dekker and Stefan Kolev

September 2016, 467-489                  LINK